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Geometry Problems 331-340: Square, Circle, Similarity, Cyclic quadrilateral, Trapezoid, Triangle, Isosceles, Circumcircle, Incircle, Diagonal, Tangent, Perpendicular, Parallel, Concyclic points

Geometry problems 331-340


Elearning 331 Square, Inscribed Circle

Proposed Problem 331.
Square, Point on the Inscribed Circle, Tangency Points.

Cyclic Quadrilateral Problem

Proposed Problem 332.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Ratio of diagonals, Similarity.

Circle and Inscribed Semicircle

Proposed Problem 333.
Circle inscribed in a semicircle, Perpendicular to the common tangent.

Problem 334 Cyclic Quadrilateral, Perpendiculars to Diagonals

Proposed Problem 334.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Perpendiculars to Diagonals.

Cyclic Quadrilateral, Perpendiculars to Sides

Proposed Problem 335.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Perpendiculars to Sides.

Tangent circles, Square

Proposed Problem 336.
Two equal circles, a Common Tangent and a Square.

Isosceles Trapezoid, Concyclic Points

Proposed Problem 337.
Isosceles Trapezoid, Angle bisector, Parallel, Concyclic points.

Problem 338 concyclic points

Proposed Problem 338.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Inscribed Circle, Exterior angle bisector, Concyclic points.

Triangle, Angle Bisectors

Proposed Problem 339.
Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Perpendiculars, Distances. Interior Point.

Triangle, Angle Bisectors

Proposed Problem 340.
Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Perpendiculars, Distances. Exterior Point.

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