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Special Right Triangle 30 60 Theorems and Problems - Table of Content

Special Right Triangle 30-60 Index


Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

Special right triangle 30 60

Special Right Triangles.

Geometry Problem 1553

Geometry Problem 1553: Solving for OC in Triangle ABC with Unique Angle Bisectors

Geometry Problem 1552

Geometry Problem 1552: Exploring Angle C in Triangle ABC with Given Angle A and Side Lengths

Geometry Problem 1531

Geometry Problem 1531: Discover How to Calculate the Length of a Chord in a Circle with Diameter Intersection and an Angle between the Diameter and Chord - A High School Challenge.

Geometry Problem 1517

Geometry Problem 1517 and a Thematic Poem.
Unlocking Triangle Side Length: Solving with a Median and Two Angles. Difficulty Level: High School.

Geometry Problem 1514

Geometry Problem 1514 and a Thematic Poem.
Discover the Secret to Finding Distances in Regular Hexagons with Interior Squares. Difficulty Level: High School.

Geometry Problem 1461

Geometry Problem 1461.
Quadrilateral, Triangle, Angles, 30-60 Degree, Congruence, Auxiliary Lines.

Geometry Problem 963

Geometry Problem 963.
Right Triangle, 30-60-90 Degrees, Angle Bisectors, Metric Relations.

Geometry Problem 956

Geometry Problem 956.
Two Equilateral Triangles, Center, Collinear Points, Midpoint, Right Triangle, 30, 60, 90 Degrees.

Quadrilateral, 60, 75, 135 degrees

Proposed Problem 405.
Quadrilateral, 60, 75, and 135 degrees, Midpoint.

Triangle and angle bisector of 120 degrees

Proposed Problem 304.
Triangle, Angle bisector of 120 degrees.

Triangle and angle bisector of 60 degrees

Proposed Problem 302.
Triangle, Angle bisector of 60 degrees.

Problem 102. Elearning, Online Tutoring

Proposed Problem 102.Equilateral Triangle Area, Interior Point.

Proposed Problem 44. Angles and triangles, 60 degrees angle.

Proposed Problem 43. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 42. Angles and triangles, 60 degrees angle.


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