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Area of a square


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Geometry Problem 1467

Geometry Problem 1467.
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Area.

Problem 1428

Geometry Problem 1428.
Intersecting Circles, Tangent Line, Triangle, Square, Area.

Geometry problem 1338

Problem 1338.
Four Squares, Diagonals, Angle, 45 Degrees, Areas.

Geometry problem 1335

Problem 1335. The Lune of Hippocrates has the same area of a Kite.

Geometry problem 1182

Geometry Problem 1182
Two Squares, Four Quadrilaterals, Sum of the Areas, Metric Relations.

Geometry Problem 1111

Geometry Problem 1111.
Right Triangle, External Squares, Cathetus, Angle Bisector, Area, Geometric Mean.

Geometry Problem 1091

Geometry Problem 1091.
Square, Perpendicular, Distance, Area, Center.

Geometry Problem 1089

Geometry Problem 1089.
Square, Semicircle, Tangent, Triangle, Area.

Geometry Problem 1082

Geometry Problem 1082.
Square, Circle, Center, Radius, Side, Isosceles Triangle, 90 Degrees, Area.

Geometry Problem 881

Geometry Problem 881
Triangle, three Squares, Centers, Areas.

Square, Circle, Area

Geometry Problem 697.
Square, Circle, Sector, Segment, Tangent, Inscribed, Congruence, Mind Map, Polya.

Triangle, Square, Area

Geometry Problem 615
Right Triangle with a Square, Diagonals, Center, Area of Quadrilateral.

Acute Triangle with altitudes and squares

Problem 545.
Acute Triangle, Squares, Altitudes, Area, Measure.

Right triangle, Square, Area

Problem 540.
Right Triangle, Square, Parallel, Perpendicular, Dissection, Area, Pythagoras.

Right triangle, Square, Area

Problem 539.
Right Triangle, Square, Parallel, Perpendicular, Dissection, Area, Pythagoras.

Right triangle, square, area

Problem 534.
Right Triangle, Squares, Perpendicular, Dissection, Areas.

Triangle, Three Squares, Altitude, Area

Problem 521.
Triangle with three Squares, Altitude, Rectangle, Area.

Triangle with six Squares

Problem 520.
Triangle with six Squares, Ratio, Area.

Triangle with Squares and Rectangles

Problem 519.
Triangle, Squares, Altitude, Perpendicular, Rectangle, Area.

Right triangle with six squares

Problem 517.
Right Triangle, Six Squares, Areas.

Triangle with five squares

Problem 514.
Triangle, Five Squares, Line, Area.

Triangle with three squares

Problem 508.
Triangle with three Squares, Four triangle of equal Area.

Square, Angle trisectors

Proposed Problem 396.
Square, Angle Trisectors, Congruence, Area.

Square, Triangle, Area, Circle

Proposed Problem 371.
Square, Inscribed circle, Triangle, Area.

Square, Exterior point, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 357.
Square, Exterior point, Triangles, Area.

Square, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 356.
Square, Point inside, Triangles, Area.

Area of a triangle

Proposed Problem 322.
Square, Inscribed circle, Tangent, Triangle area.

Albert Einstein at the age of 12

Albert Einstein and the Pythagorean theorem.
A preteen Albert Einstein devised a new proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

Pythagoras curiosity. Online tutoring.

The Pythagorean Curiosity Triangles and squares, fifteen conclusions.

Hippocrates and Squaring the Circle

Euclid Elements Book X, Lemma for Proposition 33

Euclid's Elements, Book X, Lemma for Proposition 33
One page visual illustration. Area of squares.

Archimedes' Book of Lemmas: Proposition 7
Square and inscribed and circumscribed Circles. Area.

Quadrilateral, Perpendicular, Squares, Area

Proposed Problem 280.
Quadrilateral, Perpendiculars, Area of Squares.

Problem 273 Triangle and Squares

Proposed Problem 273.
Triangle, Perpendiculars, Area of Squares.

Pythagorean Theorem

Proposed Problem 265.
Right Triangle, Pythagorean Theorem.

Rectangle, Isosceles Right Triangle, Square, Area

Proposed Problem 252.
Rectangle, isosceles right triangle, square, area.

Elearning 251: Parallelogram

Proposed Problem 251.
Parallelogram, sides, diagonals, squares, areas.

Geometry Problem 191 about triangle and squares

Proposed Problem 191. Triangle, Altitudes, Orthocenter, Squares, Areas.

Area of Square and triangle, Elearning.

Proposed Problem 112. Area of square and triangle.

Triangle and Squares Area 22

Triangle and Squares Area 21

Triangle and Squares Area 20

Triangle and Squares Area 19  

Triangle and Squares Area 18  Sangaku Problem.

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