Artificial Intelligence (AI): Philosophy Mind Map

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Philosophy Mind Map

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. The goals of AI research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, decision making, and the ability to move and manipulate objects.

The philosophy of AI include Ethics, Existential risk, Turing test, Chinese room, and Friendly AI.

Mind map based on Wikipedia: Artificial Intelligence and Wikipedia: Outline of AI as of October 15, 2017.

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Topics in AI Philosophy

  • Defining Intelligence
  • The Nature of Consciousness
  • The Turing Test and Beyond
  • Ethics of AI
  • Machine Learning and Decision-Making
  • Human Intelligence and AI
  • The Singularity and Superintelligent AI
  • Impact of AI on Society
  • Explainability and Interpretability of AI
  • Empathetic AI
  • Humanoid Robots and the Uncanny Valley
  • AI and the Environment
  • AI and the Philosophy of Mind
  • AI and the Philosophy of Language
  • AI and the Philosophy of Science
  • AI and the Philosophy of Technology
  • AI and Existential Risk
  • AI and Freedom
  • AI and Creativity
  • AI and the Future of Humanity

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