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Online Geometry Problem 710: Parallelogram, Midpoint, Diagonal, Collinear Points, Metric Relations, Triangle. Level: High School, Honors Geometry, College, Mathematics Education

The figure shows a parallelogram ABCD, AC and BD meet at O, E midpoint of BC and F midpoint of CD. AE and BF meet at G. DE meets AF, BF at H, N. GH extended meets BC, AC, CD, AD at M, P, Q, R. Prove that: (1) A, O, P, N, C are collinear; (2) MG = GP= PH = HQ = QR; (3) MR parallel to BC; (4) MR congruent to BC.

Parallelogram. Midpoint, Diagonal, Collinear Points, Metric Relation


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