Geometry Problems 201-210: Right Triangle, Incircle, Excircle, Area, Radius

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Geometry problems 201-210


Elearn 201

Proposed Problem 201. Right Triangle, Excircles, Points of Tangency, Exradius, Semiperimeter.


Problem 202 Right triangle, excircles

Proposed Problem 202. Right Triangle, Incircle, Excircles relatives to catheti, Points of Tangency, Exradius, Semiperimeter.


Problem 203

Proposed Problem 203. Right Triangle, Excircles, Exradii, Hypotenuse.


Elearn 204

Proposed Problem 204. Right Triangle, Incircle, Excircles, Inradius, Exradii.


Right triangle area

Proposed Problem 205. Right Triangle Area, Exradii relatives to legs or catheti.


Elearn 206

Problem 206. Area of a Right Triangle, Inradius, and Exradius relative to the hypotenuse.


Problem 207: Hypotenuse

Proposed Problem 207. Right Triangle, Hypotenuse, Inradius, Exradius relative to the hypotenuse.


Elearn 208: Triangle, Angles

Proposed Problem 208. Triangle, Excircles, Angles, 360 degrees.


Elearn 209

Proposed Problem 209. Triangle, Incircles, Inradius.


Elearn 210

Proposed Problem 210. Triangle, Angles, Auxiliary Lines.


Geometry problems 211-220

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