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Geometry Problem 1528

Geometry Problem 1528: Cracking the Circle Code: Unveiling the Tangent and Angle of an Inscribed Circle within a 90-Degree Circular Sector.

Problem 1435

Geometry Problem 1435.
Circle, Diameter, Inscribed Circles, Circular Sector, Parallelogram, Parallel Lines, Tangency Points, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Geometry problem 1335

Problem 1335. The Lune of Hippocrates has the same area of a Kite.

Geometry Problem 1077

Geometry Problem 1077.
Chain of Equal Tangent Circles, Circular Sector, Area, Sangaku, Sacred Geometry.

Geometry Problem 1022

Geometry Problem 1022.
Circular Sector of 90 Degrees, Squares, Metric Relations.

Semicircle, Chord, Arc, Area

Geometry Problem 825.
Circle, Semicircle, Arc, Chord, Midpoint, Sector, Triangle, Area.

Semicircle, Chord, Arc, Area

Geometry Problem 822.
Circle, Semicircle, Arc, Chord, Midpoint, Sector, Triangle, Area.

Elearn 490: Circular Sector Area

Problem 490.
Tangent Circles, Arc, Radius, Circular Sector, Area.

Circular Sector 90 degrees

Proposed Problem 403.
Circular sector, 90 degrees, Circle, Semicircle, Area.

Square, Circle, Tangent

Proposed Problem 458.
Square, Semicircle, Circular Sector, Internal Common Tangent, Measurement.

Square, Circle

Proposed Problem 394.
Square, 90 Degree Arc, Diagonal, Congruence.

Circular sector 60 degrees

Proposed Problem 365.
Circular Sector of 60 degrees, Midpoints, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Circula Sector, Semicircles, Circle

Proposed Problem 285.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircles, Circle, Tangent, Radius.

Elearning 284: Circular Sector

Proposed Problem 284.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircles, Tangent, Radius.

Circular Sector

Proposed Problem 283.
Circular Sector 90 degrees, Semicircle, Circle inscribed, Radius.

Square, Circle, 90 Arc

Proposed Problem 276.
Square, 90 degree Arcs, Circle, Radius.

Circular Sector 90 degree

Proposed Problem 181. Circular Sector of 90 degrees, find an angle.

Proposed Problem 76: Area of a Circle. Square, Circle, Circular Sector. 

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