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Sharpen Your Geometry Skills with Problem 856: Quadrilateral, Diagonals, Triangle, and Congruence. Ideal for High School, SAT Prep, College, and Mathematics Education.

The figure below shows a quadrilateral ABCD with angle BAD = 30 degrees, angle ADB = 98 degrees, angle BDC = 33 degrees, and angle DBC = 76 degrees. If the diagonals intersect at E, find the measure of angle AED.

May I kindly request that you attempt to solve the problem using only elementary geometry and refrain from using trigonometry, if possible? Thank you for your cooperation.

Geometry problem 856: Quadrilateral, Diagonals, Triangle, Angles, 30 degrees, Congruence, Auxiliary lines


Geometry Problem 856: Create Stunning Typography and Art Using iPad Apps.


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