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Geometry Problem 1239: Intersecting Circles, Secant, Concyclic Points, Congruence. Mobile Apps. Level: College, High School.

Circles P and Q cut at A and B. C is a point on circle P. CA extended cuts circle Q at D and CB cuts circle Q at E. AE extended cuts circle P at F and CF cuts DE extended at G. FB extended cuts circle Q at H. Prove that (1) B,E,G,F are concyclic points; (2) ED = EH.
This entry contributed by Sumith Peiris, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. 

Geometry Problem 1239: Intersecting Circles, Secant, Concyclic Points, Congruence, Mobile Apps.

Art of Geometry Problem 1239 using Mobile Apps. Circle Patterns.

Geometric art is a form of art based on the use and application of geometric figures. A geometric figure is any set or combination of points, lines, surfaces and solids. A mobile app or mobile application software is a computer program designed to run on smartphones and tablet computers. See also the kaleidoscope of problem 1239.

Art of problem 1239 using mobile apps, iPad, iPhone

Art of Geometry Problem 1145 in Motion

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