Go Geometry Problem Geometry Problem 1141: Inscribed Pentagon, Circle, Triangle, Congruence, Midpoint, Concurrency. Level: High School, SAT Prep, Honors Geometry, College, Math Education


The infographic below shows a pentagon ABCDE inscribed in a circle O so that AB = AE and BC = CD. AC intersects BE and BD at F and M, respectively. G is on BE so that F is the midpoint of BG. N is on BD so that M is the midpoint of BN. Lines AG and CN meet at P. Prove that P lies on circle O.

Infographic Geometry problem 1141 Inscribed Pentagon, Circle, Triangle, Congruence, Midpoint, Concurrency

Art of Problem 1141: Typography, Mobile Apps, iPad

Art of Problem 1141:Typography, Mobile Apps, iPad

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