Ptolemy's Theorems and Problems

Plane Geometry: Ptolemy's Theorems and Problems


Ptolemy Theorem and Problems Index


Ptolemy's Theorem.
Cyclic quadrilateral 


Cyclic Quadrilateral: Ratio of the Diagonals


Cyclic Quadrilateral Index

Cyclic Quadrilateral.


Ptolemy's theorem Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Ptolemy's Theorem.
22 Piece Polygons.


Triangle, Square, 90 degrees

Problem 483.
Square, Angle, 90 degrees, Measurement, Ptolemy's theorem.


Triangle, Sides, Circumradius

Problem 478.
Triangle, Sides, Circumradius, Circumcenter, Circumcircle, Ptolemy's theorem.


Parallelogram, Diagonal, Circle

Problem 474.
Parallelogram, Diagonal, Circle, Vertex, Ptolemy's theorem.


Cyclic quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 330.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Perpendicular diagonals, Area, Circumcenter, Ptolemy's theorem.


Tangents to a circle, Secants

Proposed Problem 301.
Tangents to a circle, Secants, Square, Ptolemy's theorem.


Problem: Tangent to a circle

Proposed Problem 300.
Tangents to a circle, Secants, Square, Ptolemy's theorem.


Triangle, Circle, Radius, Perpendicular

Proposed Problem 291.
Triangle, Circle, Circumradius, Perpendicular, Ptolemy's theorem.


Regular pentagon inscribed

Proposed Problem 261.
Regular Pentagon inscribed in a circle, sum of distances, Ptolemy's theorem.


Elearning 256: Equilateral triangle

Proposed Problem 256.
Equilateral Triangle, Circumcircle, Point, Vertices, Distances, Ptolemy's theorem.


Proposed Problem 63:
Heptagon Regular, Side and Diagonals, Ptolemy's theorem.

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