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Open Geometry Problems - Index 3

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Geometry problem 1139

Geometry Problem 1139.
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Triangle, Circumcircle, Angle Bisector, Parallel Lines, 90 Degrees, Concurrent Lines.

Geometry problem 1137

Geometry Problem 1137.
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Triangle, Circumcircle, Orthocenter, Midpoint, Arc, Collinear Points, Tangent Circles.

Geometry problem 1134

Geometry Problem 1134.
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Tangent Circles, Tangent Line, Triangle, Circumcircle, Circumcenter.

Geometry problem 1127

Geometry Problem 1127.
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Triangle, Circumcircle, Tangent, Circle, Diameter, Midpoint, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees.

Geometry problem 1125

Geometry Problem 1125.
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Triangle, Four Equilateral Triangles, Centroid, Midpoint.

Geometry problem 1122

Geometry Problem 1122.
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Triangle, 90 Degree, Perpendicular Lines, Orthocenter, Altitude, Midpoint, Collinear Points.

Geometry Problem 1119

Geometry Problem 1119.
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Quadrilateral, Similar Triangles, Midpoints, Equal Ratio, Angles.

Circumscribed Quadrilateral, Angles

Geometry Problem 724.
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Circumscribed Quadrilateral, Circle, Angle, Incenter, Half the Measure.

Geometry Problem 1105

Geometry Problem 1105.
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Triangle, Incircle, Excircle, Cevian, Tangent, Congruence, Geometric Mean.

Geometry Problem 1099

Geometry Problem 1099.
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Four Circles, Common External Tangent, Common Internal Tangent, Radius, Metric Relations, Sangaku Japanese Geometry.

Geometry Problem 1071

Geometry Problem 1071.
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Arbelos, Semicircles, Diameter, Circle, Perpendicular, Common Tangent, Parallel, Collinear Points, 90 Degrees, Midpoint.

Geometry Problem 1068

Geometry Problem 1068.
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Obtuse Triangle, Orthocenter, Circumradius, Inradius, Exradii, Distance, Diameter

Geometry Problem 1066

Geometry Problem 1066.
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Triangle, Obtuse Angle, Orthocenter, Circumradius R, Inradius r, Exradius ra, Distance, Diameter.

Geometry Problem 1051

Geometry Problem 1051.
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Triangle, Square, Semicircle, Arc, Area.

Geometry Problem 1024

Geometry Problem 1024.
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Contact, Gergonne Triangle, Point on an arc of Incircle, Perpendicular, Distances.

Geometry Problem 1012

Geometry Problem 1012.
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Equilateral Triangle, Incenters, Inscribed Circles, Perpendicular, Concurrent Lines.

Geometry Problem 1008

Geometry Problem 1008.
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Three Equal Tangent Circles, Sum of Tangent Lines, Tangency Points.

Geometry Problem 1007

Geometry Problem 1007.
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Hexagon, Midpoint, Triangle, Median, Centroid, Concurrency.

Geometry Problem 991

Geometry Problem 991.
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Triangle, Incircle, Tangency Points, Isosceles, Midpoint, Collinearity, Congruence, Circle.

Geometry Problem 990

Geometry Problem 990.
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Triangle, Incircle, Median, Cevian, Central Angle, Congruence, Circle, Secant, Midpoint, Parallel.

Geometry Problem 988

Geometry Problem 988.
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Right Triangle, Cevians, Angles, 30 Degrees, Triple Angle.

Geometry Problem 987

Geometry Problem 987.
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Triangle, Circumcircle, Incenter, Chord, Parallel, Circle, Tangent. GeoGebra, HTML5 Animation for Tablets (iPad, Nexus).

Geometry Problem 974

Geometry Problem 974.
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'Begonia Theorem', Cevian Triangle, Reflection of a point in a line, Concurrency of Lines. GeoGebra, HTML5 Animation for Tablets.

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