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Geometry Problems 261-270: Regular Polygon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Circle, Tangent, Similarity,  Triangle, Hypotenuse, Catheti, Geometric Mean, Altitude, Projection, Fractional Exponent

Geometry problems 261-270


Regular pentagon inscribed

Proposed Problem 261.
Regular Pentagon inscribed in a circle, sum of distances.

Regular hexagon inscribed in a circle

Proposed Problem 262.
Regular Hexagon inscribed in a circle, sum of distances.

Problem 263: Triangle, Median Projection

Proposed Problem 263.
Triangle, Median, Altitude, Orthogonal Projection, Sides.

Right triangle

Proposed Problem 264.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Leg projection, Hypotenuse, Similarity, Geometric mean.

Pythagorean Theorem

Proposed Problem 265.
Right Triangle, Pythagorean Theorem.

Right triangle, Altitude, Geometric Mean

Proposed Problem 266.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Geometric Mean.

Right triangle, Catheti product

Proposed Problem 267.
Right Triangle, Product of Catheti.

Right triangle, Altitude, Catheti

Proposed Problem 268.
Right Triangle, Catheti and Altitude.

Right triangle, Altitude, perpendiculars

Proposed Problem 269.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Perpendicular, Projection.

Tangent circles, common tangent 

Proposed Problem 270.
Tangent Circles, Common external tangent, Fractional exponents.

Geometry problems 271-280

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