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Geometry Problems 241-250: Triangle, Quadrilateral, Congruence, Area, Parallelogram, Square, Diagonal, Center, Napoleon, Median, Midpoint.


Geometry problems 241-250


Equilateral triangle, congruence SAS

Proposed Problem 241. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Congruence.


Elearn 242: Equilateral triangle and parallelogram

Proposed Problem 242. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Parallelogram.


Elearning 243

Proposed Problem 243. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Parallelogram.


Elearning 244: Square center, diagonal

Proposed Problem 244. Square, Diagonals, Centers, Distance.


Elearning 245: Parallelogram

Proposed Problem 245. Parallelogram with Equilateral triangles.


Napoleon Theorem I

Proposed Problem 246.
Napoleon's Theorem I. External Equilateral triangles. Outer Napoleon triangle.


Napoleon Theorem II

Proposed Problem 247.
Napoleon's Theorem II. Internal Equilateral triangles. Inner Napoleon triangle.


Elearning: Napoleon Theorem III

Proposed Problem 248.
Napoleon's Theorem III. Inner and outer Napoleon triangles, Area.


Triangle sides, medians, squares

Proposed Problem 249.
Triangle sides, medians, squares.


Quadrilateral, diagonals, midpoints

Proposed Problem 250.
Quadrilateral, sides, diagonals, midpoints, squares.


Geometry problems 231-240

Geometry problems 251-260


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