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Lune of Hippocrates, Quadrature - Theorems and Problems

Lube of Hippocrates Theorems and Problems


Hippocrates and Squaring the Circle

Geometry problem 1362

Geometry Problem 1362.
Equilateral Triangle Inscribed in a Circle, Lunula, Ratio of Areas, Tangent, Sketch, iPad Apps.

Geometry problem 1335

Problem 1335. The Lune of Hippocrates has the same area of a Kite.

Lunes of Hippocrates 4

Lunes of Hippocrates 3

Lunes of Hippocrates 2

Lunes of Hippocrates 1, Lunes of Alhazen.

Geometric art of Lunes of Hippocrates

Geometric Art of Lunes of Hippocrates 1, Lunes of Alhazen.

Pythagoras and Circle Area

Proposed Problem 76: Area of a Circle. Square, Circle, Circular Sector.

Circle area and Pythagoras

Problem 99: Circle Area, General Extension to Pythagoras' Theorem.

Circle, Area, Tangent, Intersecting, Lune

Geometry Problem 708.
Circle, Tangent, Intersecting, Lune, Area, Diameter.

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