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Geometry Problem 1516

Geometry Problem 1516 and a Thematic Poem.
Finding the Length of a Side in an Equiangular Hexagon with Given Three Side Lengths. Difficulty Level: High School.

Geometry Problem 1514

Geometry Problem 1514 and a Thematic Poem.
Discover the Secret to Finding Distances in Regular Hexagons with Interior Squares. Difficulty Level: High School.

Problem 1420

Geometry Problem 1420.
Regular Hexagon, Inscribed Circle, Area, Tangent Circles, Tangent Line.

Geometry problem 1319

Geometry Problem 1319.
Hexagons, Equilateral Triangles, Center, Midpoints.

Geometry problem 1252

Geometry Problem 1252.
Triangle, Circle, Circumcircle, Altitude, Area, Hexagon, Perpendicular, 90 Degrees. Mind Map.

Geometry problem 1187

Geometry Problem 1187
Triangle, Quadrilateral, Midpoints, Hexagon, Area.

Geometry problem 1123

Geometry Problem 1123.
Hexagon, Triangle, 90 Degrees, Perpendicular Lines, Vertices, Area.

Geometry Problem 1112

Geometry Problem 1112.
Triangle, Excenters, Circumcircle, Circle, Hexagon, Area.

Geometry Problem 1106

Geometry Problem 1106.
Regular Hexagon, Congruence, Diagonal, Collinear Points.

Geometry Problem 1050

Geometry Problem 1050.
Regular Hexagon, Center, Any Point, Inside, Outside, Distance, Metric Relations, Congruence.

Geometry Problem 1049

Geometry Problem 1049.
Hexagon inscribed, Circle, Circumcircle, Congruence, Angles.

Geometry Problem 1007

Geometry Problem 1007.
Hexagon, Midpoint, Triangle, Median, Centroid, Concurrency.

Geometry Problem 983

Geometry Problem 983.
Regular Hexagon, A point and six triangles, Areas.

Geometry Problem 982

Geometry Problem 982.
Triangle, Excenters, Excentral Triangle, Circumcenter, Area, Hexagon.

Geometry Problem 981

Geometry Problem 981.
Triangle, Concurrent Cevians, Midpoints, Area, Hexagon.

Geometry Problem 880

Geometry Problem 880
Triangle, Midpoints, Sides, Perpendiculars, Hexagon, Area.

Semicircle, Chord, Arc, Area

Geometry Problem 827: Brianchon Corollary
Circumscribed Hexagon, Tangency Points, Diagonal, Opposite Sides, Concurrent lines.

Brianchon's Theorem, Circumscribed Hexagon, Concurrent Diagonals

Geometry Problem 826: Brianchon's Theorem
Circumscribed Hexagon, Concurrent Diagonals.

Regular Hexagon, Midpoints, Equilateral Triangle

Geometry Problem 791
Regular Hexagon, Midpoints of Side and Diagonal, Equilateral Triangle, Area.

Regular Hexagon, Square, Midpoint, Angle, Degrees

Geometry Problem 599
Regular Hexagon, Square, Midpoint, Angle, Degrees.

Hexagon, Centroids

Proposed Problem 402.
Hexagon, Triangle, Centroid, Parallel, Congruence, Similarity.

Geometry Problem: Equal circles, Tangents, Hexagon

Proposed Problem 346.
Equal circles, Tangents, Hexagon, Semiperimeter.

Geometry Problem: Equal circles, Tangents

Proposed Problem 345.
Equal circles, Tangents, Concurrent lines, Hexagon, Semiperimeter.

Hexagon, Inscribed Circle

Proposed Problem 343.
Hexagon, Inscribed circle, Tangent, Semiperimeter.

Regular hexagon inscribed in a circle

Proposed Problem 262.
Regular Hexagon inscribed in a circle, sum of distances.

Proposed Problem 79: Triangle. Similarity, Altitudes, Orthocenter, Incircles, Inradii.

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