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Geometry Angles,Theorems and Problems - 4

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Triangle, Excenter, Internal and External angle bisector,

Proposed Problem 376.
Triangle, Excenter, Internal and External Angle Bisectors.

Triangle, Excenter, Angle

Proposed Problem 375.
Triangle, Excenter, External Angle Bisectors.

Tiangle, Incenter, Angle

Proposed Problem 374.
Triangle, Incenter, Internal Angle Bisectors.

Problem about square and inscribed circle

Proposed Problem 373.
Square, Inscribed Circle, Diagonal, Perpendicular, Angle.

Circles, Common tangent

Proposed Problem 372.
Circles, Common Internal and External Tangent, Angles.

Right triangle, Congruence, Angles

Proposed Problem 363.
Right triangle, Congruence, Angles.

Right triangle, Incircle, Angle

Proposed Problem 361.
Right triangle, Incircle, Incenter, Tangency points, Angle.

Isosceles triangle 80 80 20

Proposed Problem 358.
Isosceles triangle 80-80-20, Circle, Angles, Congruence.

Rhombus, Square 

Proposed Problem 354.
Rhombus, Square, 45 degrees.

Triangle, Cevian, Incircles, Angles

Proposed Problem 350.
Triangle, Cevian, Incircles, Tangents, Tangency Point, Angles.

Isoscele triangle 80-80-20

Proposed Problem 274.
Isosceles Triangle, 80-80-20, Angles.

Elearn: Quadrilateral, Angle Bisectors, Concurrency

Proposed Problem 216. Quadrilateral, Angle Bisectors, and Concurrency.

Elearn 215: Cyclic quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 215. Quadrilateral, Angle Bisectors, and Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Elearn 208: Triangle, Angles

Proposed Problem 208. Triangle, Excircles, Angles, 360 degrees.  

Problem: Triangle, Altitude, Angles

Proposed Problem 199. Triangle, Quadrilateral, Angles.

Geometry problem about angles and triangle

Proposed Problem 198. Triangle, Quadrilateral, Angles.

Elearning 187: Right triangle, incircles, angles

Proposed Problem 187. Right Triangle, Altitude, Incenters, Circles, Angles.  

Trapezoid and triangle problem

Proposed Problem 185. Trapezoid, Triangles and Angles.  

Elearning: Triangle, Angle

Proposed Problem 184. Triangle and Angles.  

Overlapping circles, Angle

Proposed Problem 182. Overlapping Circles, Find an angle.  

Circular Sector 90 degree

Proposed Problem 181. Circular Sector of 90 degrees, find an angle.  

Rhombus, Square, Angle

Proposed Problem 179. Rhombus, Square, Diagonal, Angle.  

Geometry Problem 134

Proposed Problem 134. Orthic Triangle, Altitudes, Angle Bisectors, Orthocenter, Incenter.  

Problem 133

Proposed Problem 133. Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Collinear Points.

Triangle with the bisectors of the exterior angles

Triangle with the bisectors of the exterior angles. Collinearity. Key concept: Menelaus Theorem.

Elearn 128: Incenter, Ratios

Proposed Problem 128. Incenter of a Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Sum of Ratios.

Elearn 127: Centroid, Incenter

Proposed Problem 127. Centroid and Incenter of a Triangle, Parallel, Proportions.

Elearn 126: Incenter Proportions

Proposed Problem 126. Incenter of Triangle, Angle Bisector, Proportions.

Elearning 111: Orthogonal Circles.

Proposed Problem 111. Orthogonal Circles (two circles that are perpendicular at their intersection).

Problem 109. Elearning.

Proposed Problem 109. Angles, Right Triangle, Cevian.

Problem 108. Elearning.

Proposed Problem 108. Angles, Triangle, Median.

Elearning 107.

Proposed Problem 107. Angles, Triangle. Cevian.

Problem 106, Elearning

Proposed Problem 106. Angles, Triangle. Cevian.

Online learning 105

Proposed Problem 105.Angles, Triangle. Interior Point.

Online Tutoring 104

Proposed Problem 104. Angles, Triangle.

Elearning, Online Tutoring 101

Proposed Problem 101.Equilateral Triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, Angles.

Proposed Problem 1: Angles of a Triangle. Midpoint, Congruence. Hints are provided.

Proposed Problem 13: Angles of a Triangle. Hints are provided.

Math Problem 77 Angles

Proposed Problem 77: Angles of a Circle. Parallel lines, Cyclic quadrilateral.

Proposed Problem 74: Three Intersecting Circles. Cyclic quadrilateral, Angles.

Proposed Problem 73: Three Intersecting Circles. Cyclic quadrilateral. Angles.


Proposed Problem 72: Intersecting Circles. Cyclic quadrilateral, Chords, Parallel. Angles.

Proposed Problem 71: Cyclic Quadrilateral. Angles

Proposed Problem 67: Triangle, Circumcircle, Angles, Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Proposed Problem 60: Isosceles triangle and angles.

Proposed Problem 57

Proposed Problem 57: Angle bisector, circles Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Proposed Problem 56

Proposed Problem 56: Angle bisector, circles Parallel Lines.

Proposed Problem 55 

Proposed Problem 55: Angle bisector, circles Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Geometry problem: angle bisector, circles, midpoint of arc

Proposed Problem 54: Angle bisector, circles Midpoint of arc.

Geometry problem: angle bisector, circles

Proposed Problem 53: Angle bisector, circles

Proposed Problem 52: Triangle, angles, incircle.

Proposed Problem 50. Triangle with Equilateral triangles.
Seventeen conclusions. Angles

Proposed Problem 49. Angles and right triangle.

Proposed Problem 48. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 47. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 46. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 45. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 44. Angles and triangles.


Proposed Problem 43. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 42. Angles and triangles.

Proposed Problem 40.
Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Angles 80, 40, Distances.

Proposed Problem 39.
Triangle, Incircle, Bisector, Cyclic Quadrilateral and angles.

Proposed Problem 38.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircles, incenters, and angles.

Proposed Problem 37.
Right Triangle, altitude, incircles, incenters, orthocenter, and angles.

Proposed Problem 33.
Triangle and quadrilateral. Angles.

Geometry Test K-12

Geometry Test: Angles K-12

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