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Euclidean Geometry


Classical Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem.

Euclid's Elements, Book II, Proposition 12

Euclid's Elements Book II, Proposition 12: Law of Cosines.

Euclid's Elements: Book II, Proposition 13: Law of Cosines

Euclid's Elements Book II, Proposition 13: Law of Cosines.

Median Length theorem

Median length, Apollonius' Theorem

Geometry Problem 889

Carnot's Theorem. Geometry Problem 889
Carnot's Theorem in an acute triangle, Circumcenter, Circumradius, Inradius. GeoGebra, HTML5 Animation for Tablets.

Ceva's Theorem

Ceva's Theorem. Concurrency. Interactive proof with animation. Key concept: Menelaus Theorem. 


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