Mining in the World

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Mining in the World - Index (1/2)

Mining in the World

Mining: Recent additions

Mining: Recent Additions

Top Mining Companies in the World Index

Top Mining Companies Index

Open Pit Mining Art Index

Open Pit Mining Art Index

Mining Operations BHP Billiton

Mining Operations: BHP Billiton, Interactive Mind Map.

Mining Operations Barrick Gold

Mining Operations: Barrick Gold, Interactive Mind Map.

Mine Haul Truck Index

Mining Haul Truck - Index.

Mining Power Shovel

Mining Power Shovel - Index.

Mining and Blasting Index

Mining and Blasting - Index

Gold Mining Index

Gold Mining in Action - Index

Copper Mining Index

Copper Mining in Action - Index

Diamond Mining Index

Diamond Mining in Action - Index

Mining Training Simulator, Index

Mining Training Simulators - Index.
This usually occurs when it is prohibitively expensive or simply too dangerous to allow trainees to use the real equipment in the mining.

Caterpillar and Mining Index

Caterpillar Mining Equipment - Index

Komatsu Mining Equipment

Komatsu Mining Equipment in action - Index

Mining Equipment: P&H

P&H Mining Equipment - Index.
Video and News.

Mining Operations: BHP Billiton Index

Mining Operations: BHP Billiton, Index.
BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining company and a global leader in the resources industry.

Mining Operations: Anglo American Index

Mining Operations: Anglo American Index.

Mining Operations: Xstrata Index

Mining Operations: Xstrata, Index.

Mining Mind Maps - Index

Mining Operations: Anglo American

Mining Operations: Anglo American Mind Map.

Mining Operations: XstrataRio Tinto

Mining Operations: Xstrata, Interactive Mind Map.

Mining Operations Gold Fields

Mining Operations: Gold Fields Mind Map.

Bucyrus Mining Index

Bucyrus Mining Equipment - Index
In February 2010, Bucyrus International completed a US $1.3 billion acquisition of the mining equipment division of Terex Corporation.

Terex Mining Index

Terex Mining Equipment - Index
Drilling, digging, hauling and processing. Terex matches the world’s largest hydraulic mining shovels with rugged haul trucks, advanced drilling machines and a complete line of materials processing equipment.
In February 2010, Terex sold its mining equipment division to Bucyrus International Inc. for US$1.3 billion.

Liebherr Mining Equipment Index

Liebherr Mining Equipment - Index
The worldwide mining industry uses large loading and transport vehicles and machines from Liebherr for open-cast mining and the extraction of raw materials. These giants move enormous amounts of material under the most arduous conditions and have convinced operators of their high level of reliability.

Mining Operations: Rio Tinto Index

Mining Operations: Rio Tinto, Index.

Bingham Canyon Mine - Index

Bingham Canyon Mine - Index

Kalgoorlie "Golden Mile" Index

Kalgoorlie "Golden Mile" - Index

Minera Escondida Copper Mine, Index
It is currently the highest producing copper mine in the world.

Diavik Diamond Mine Index

Diavik Diamond Mine, Index.
The Diavik Diamond Mine is located in one of the most remote and forbidding places in the world – 220 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle and on the bed of a vast northern lake, Lac de Gras.

OTR Mining Tires Index

OTR (Off-The-Road) Mining Tires - Index.

Robotics Index

Robotics Index.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment - Index.

Grasberg Mine Index

Grasberg Mine, Index.
The largest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world.

Mining Operations Teamwork Index

Mining Operations: Teamwork

Robotics: BigDog by Boston Dynamics

Robotics: BigDog in Action by Boston Dynamics, Video and News.

Hull Rust Mine - Index

Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine Index.
The largest open pit iron mine in the world.

Penrhyn Slate Quarry Bethesda - Index

Open-Pit Mining: Penrhyn Slate Quarry Bethesda - Index.

Mining in Peru Index

Mining in Peru Index.

Tau Tona Gold Mine Index

Tau Tona Gold Mine - Index.
he world's deepest mining operations

Mining Disasters in the World

Mining Disasters and Accidents - Index.

Euclid Mining Truck Index

Euclid Haul Truck in Action - Index.

Tagebau Garzweiler Mine, Index

Tagebau Garzweiler Mine, Germany - Index.

Mining Accident: Crash

Mining Accidents: Crash.
Video and News.


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