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Van Hiele Model

In mathematics education, the Van Hiele model is a theory that describes how students learn geometry. The theory originated in 1957 in the doctoral dissertations of Dina and Pierre van Hiele at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. The Soviets did research on the theory in the 1960s and integrated their findings into their curricula. American researchers did several large studies on the van Hiele theory in the late 1970s and early 1980s and Pierre van Hiele published Structure and Insight in 1986, further describing his theory. The model has greatly influenced geometry curricula throughout the world. In the United States, the theory has influenced the geometry strand of the Standards published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the new proposed. Source: Wikipedia, Van Hiele Model.

Word Cloud

Word cloud or tag cloud is a graphical representation or word frequency. Presents a picture of the most common words used with those used more often displayed larger and are typically listed alphabetically.

Word cloud generator: Wordle.net.

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