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Math Quotes Index

Abel Niels: studying the masters
Alexander Jane: when we teach a child
Alger, William: line, diagonal
Archimedes: diagram, eureka
Aristophanes: the geometer Meton
Aristotle: limit, point, line, plane, solid
Atiyah Michael Importance of geometry
Banach Stefan: ultimate mathematician
Bell, Eric T.: Euclid taught me
Cartier-Bresson: Photography
Cayley Arthur, Projective Geometry
Steven Chu: Exciting course
Cibber Colley: circle, true shape
Cocteau Jean: freedom
Cronkite Walter: pyramids
Coxeter H.S.M.: I’m a Platonist
Crelle August: triangle properties
Cudworth, Ralph: sense, line, mind, circle
Dee John: Elements
Descartes: Cogito, ergo sum, reasoning
Annie Dillard: Crystal, rock, perfect
Dürer, Albrecht: art, geometry, painting
Einstein: Circles, Pythagoras
Emerson Ralph: square, circle, man
Escher: Tessellation
Euclid: no royal road
Euripides: Geometry, art, reason
Eves, Howard: Problem solver
Fermat, Pierre de: Last theorem
Fontenelle: Geometrical method, elegant
Ford, Henry: Angle, quality
Franklin Benjamin: usefulness of the math
Freud: visualizing, study of geometry
Freudenthal: Space
Fuller Buckminster: Geometry
Galileo: The Universe, math language
Gide, Andre: angle, oblique
Garcia Lorca, Federico: Geometry & anguish
Gracian Baltasar: circumference, time
I.N. Herstein: problem solver
Hardy G.H.: Reductio ad absurdum, Euclid
Hobbes Thomas: Leviathan, Pythagoras
Howe, Edgar Watson: High School
Ibn Khaldun: Intellect

Jewel, John: Human Knowledge
Juster Norton: Line & Dot 
Kepler: Geometry, God, matter
Jacques Lacan: Locus
Lafayette: Liberty
Lagrange: Algebra
Comte de Lautreamont: Trinity
Lemoine Emile mathematical truth
Leonardo: Proof
Lincoln: Euclid
Lobachevsky: Parallels
Mandelbrot: fractals
Mencius: Compass
Mondrian: lines
Napoleon: Axiom
Newton: principles
Nietzsche: pyramid
Pappus: bees
Pascal: Nature
Pedersen: skill
Pei: design
Plato: Let no man ignorant
Plutarch: Archimedes
Poincaré: natural selection
Polya: elegance of a theorem
Proclus: Egypt
Pushkin: inspiration
Pythagoras: music, knowledge
   Word Cloud
Rand Paul: Criticize, Simplicity
Regiomontanus: triangle
Riemann: proofs
Rodin: sentiment
Erno Rubik: 3-D forms
Russell: Euclid
Socrates: I know nothing
Swift, J: Gulliver
Thales: thought
Valéry: similar figures
Victor Hugo: circle and ellipse
Voltaire: no sects
Warren Bennis: manager & leaders
Whitehead: 4-D
Wigner: Pi
Williams, T.:Line
Wittgenstein: Law of physics and geometry

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