Plane Geometry: Isogonal Conjugate Lines, Theorems and Problems

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Isogonal Lines: Table of Content

Isogonal Lines


Isogonic-Jacobi Theorem

Isogonic-Jacobi Theorem
Using TracenPoche Dynamic Geometry Software

Geometry Problem 1550

Geometry Problem 1550: Solving for Segment BD: An Angle Puzzle in Right Triangle ABC: A High School Level Investigation

Geometry problem 1273

Geometry Problem 1273.
Circle, Tangent, Secant, Midpoint, Isogonal Lines, Congruent Angles.

Geometry problem 1142

Geometry Problem 1142.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Isogonal Lines, Circle, Center, Radius, Perpendicular Bisector, Circumcenter.

Triangle, Isogonal lines, Congruent angles, Perpendicular

Geometry Problem 776
Triangle, Isogonal lines, Congruent angles, Perpendicular, Concyclic points, Circle, Center, Midpoint.

Triangle, equal angles, metric relations

Geometry Problem 595
Triangle, Equal Angles, Isogonal Lines, Similarity.

Triangle, Circle, Congruence, Concyclic points

Geometry Problem 565.
Triangle, Isogonal lines, Angles, Congruence, Concyclic Points.

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