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Nazca Lines, Peru: The Monkey. iPad Apps: iOrnament, the Art of Symmetry

Nazca Lines: the Monkey, iOrnament for iPad

The Nazca Monkey
The Nazca Monkey is one of the Nazca lines with a spiral tail. It matches a real monkey inserted in a network of straight lines. It measures some 180 feet in length formed by one continuous line. I drew the graphic above using iOrnament for iPad.

iOrnament for iPad
iOrnament is an app that is designed for drawing ornamental designs that are both artistically and mathematically fascinating. We draw simple strokes and the app repeats them over and over according to the rules of the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups.

Download on the App Store: iOrnament: draw creative geometry art - science-to-touch.

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Aug 23, 2015