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Peruvian Cuisine: Inca Heritage - Table of Content

Inca flavors blend,
Peruvian cuisine's pride,
Inheritance rich.
From quinoa to ceviche,
Taste the Inca heritage.


Pan con chicharron

Peruvian Cuisine (Cocina Peruana): Aventura del Chicharron 1
by Gaston Acurio
Chicharron 2.

Peruvian Cuisine: Ceviche

Peruvian Cuisine (Cocina Peruana): Aventura del Ceviche, Cebiche 1, by Gaston Acurio.
Ceviche 2

Ocopa Arequipena 3/3

Peruvian Cuisine (Cocina Peruana): Ocopa Arequipena 1, by Gaston Acurio.
Ocopa Arequipena 2

Ocopa Arequipena 3

Arroz Chaufa Rice

Peruvian Cuisine (Cocina Peruana): Arroz Chaufa, Chaufa Rice 1, by Gaston Acurio.
Arroz Chaufa 2

Peruvian Cuisine: Inca Heritage

Peruvian Cuisine 
Thanks to its pre-Inca and Inca heritage and to Spanish, Basque, African, Sino-Cantonese, Japanese and finally Italian, French and British immigration, Peruvian cuisine combines the flavors of four continents


Potato Inca's Food
As Other Staples Soar, Potatoes Break New Ground.

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