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The Nazca Lines: The Spider

The Spider, Friday, March 25, 2005, 9 AM.

Spider Nazca Line and Golden Rectangles
Symphonic Geometry: Embracing the Golden Rectangles of the Spider Nazca Lines.

Spider on the earth,
Lines drawn with ancient designs,
Nazca mystery.


From a geometrical perspective, the Spider geoglyph of the Nazca Lines is an example of a complex design that incorporates a variety of shapes and forms.

The central body of the Spider consists of a series of concentric circles, which are shapes with a constant distance between their center and circumference. The circles are connected to one another, forming a web-like pattern.

The legs of the Spider are long, thin triangles that taper to a point. The tips of the triangles form the feet of the Spider. The legs are arranged in a symmetrical pattern around the body, creating a sense of balance and harmony in the design.

The overall shape of the Spider is roughly circular, with a diameter of approximately 150 feet (46 meters). However, the legs extend beyond the circumference of the circle, giving the design a more dynamic and three-dimensional appearance.

The precision and complexity of the Spider, and the other geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines, have led some scholars to speculate that the Nazca people had a sophisticated understanding of geometry and mathematics. However, there is little direct evidence to support this claim, and much about the creation and purpose of the Nazca Lines remains a mystery.

What is remarkable about this drawing is that it is a member of a spider genus known as Ricinulei which is found only living beyond the reach of sunlight in the Amazon rainforest.

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Geometric Art: Isolines or Contour Lines of the Nazca Spider using iPad Apps

Geometric Art: Hyperbolic Kaleidoscope of problem 155 using iPad Apps

An isoline of a function of two variables is a curve along which the function has a constant value. Isolines usually have a parallel trend. 

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