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Plane Geometry: Parallelogram Theorems and Problems. Page 5

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Parallelogram, Theorems and Problems - 5

Parallelograms Index


Triangle and Squares. 21 theorems. Visual illustrations.

Generalizing Van Aubel: Michael de Villiers' Theorems.

Eyeball Theorem: Animated Angle to Geometry Study.

Hippocrates and Squaring the Circle

Triangle with Squares Problem

Thébault's Theorem. Parallelogram with Squares theorem

Varignon and Wittenbauer parallelograms. Quadrilateral: midpoints and trisection points of the edges.


Van Aubel

Van Aubel's Theorem. Quadrilateral with Squares. Proof with animation.

Ptolemy's Theorem.

Cyclic Quadrilateral: Ratio of the Diagonals

Sangaku Problem. The incenters of four triangles in a cyclic quadrilateral form a rectangle.

Proposed Problem 35.
Incenters and Inradii in Cyclic Quadrilateral.

Geometry problems 221-230


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