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Napoleon's Theorem, Index

Napoleon Theorem and Problem Index


Geometry problem 1205

Geometry Problem 1205
Triangle, Centroid, Outer and Inner Napoleon Equilateral Triangles.

Elearning: Napoleon Theorem III

Proposed Problem 248.
Napoleon's Theorem III. Inner and outer Napoleon triangles, Area.

iPhone app geometry

iPad Apps: Apollonius for iPad. Napoleon's Theorem.

Napoleon Theorem II

Proposed Problem 247.
Napoleon's Theorem II. Internal Equilateral triangles. Inner Napoleon triangle.

Napoleon Theorem I

Proposed Problem 246.
Napoleon's Theorem I. External Equilateral triangles.

Napoleon's Theorem

Napoleon's Theorem. A purely geometric proof. It uses the Fermat point to prove Napoleon without transformations.

Equilateral triangles

Proposed Problem 404.
External Equilateral triangles, Congruent and Concurrent Lines. (Fermat Point)

Elearning 243

Proposed Problem 243. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Parallelogram.

Elearn 242: Equilateral triangle and parallelogram

Proposed Problem 242. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Parallelogram.

Equilateral triangle, congruence SAS

Proposed Problem 241. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Congruence.

Triangle with equilateral triangles

Proposed Problem 240. Triangle with Equilateral triangles, Parallelogram.

Proposed Problem 50. Triangle with Equilateral triangles.
Seventeen conclusions.

Geometry problem 1125

Geometry Problem 1125.
Triangle, Four Equilateral Triangles, Centroid, Midpoint.


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