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Geometry for Kids, Children Index 6

Geometry for Children


Dubai: Burj Stereographic Projection.

Typography of problem 63

Typography of Problem 63

Art of problem 1351

Art of Geometry Problem 1351.

Pentagon and Lissajous Art  

Mind Map of How to Solve Problems
George Pólya's 1945 book How to Solve It is a book describing methods of problem solving.

Problem 1436

Geometry Problem 1436.
Right Triangle, Altitude, Excircles, Excenters, Geometric Mean, Measurement, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Euclid's Elements Book I

Euclid's Elements Book I Word Cloud.

Problem 1439

Geometry Problem 1439.
Rectangle, Diagonal, Perpendicular, Circles, Areas, Art, Poster, Typography, iPad Apps.

Typography problem 161 Parallelogram and Octagon Areas

Typography of Problem 161.

Hexagon and Lissajous Art  

Coricancha Inca Temple

Coricancha Windows within Windows.
The Coricancha was the most important temple in the Inca Empire.
Golden Rectangles, Trapezoids.
Cuzco Index

Chan Chan, Pre Inca

Chan Chan: Wall. Geometry shapes.
Trujillo, Peru.

Art: Square and Delaunay

Geometric Art: Square for Kids, Delaunay Triangulation, iPad.

Isolines of Langley's Problem

Geometric Art: Isolines or Contour Lines of Langley's Problem, Isosceles Triangle 80-20-80 Degrees, Geometry for Kids, iPad, Software

The Spiderman, iPad App: SymbolGram Pro

The Lord of Sipan: The Spiderman and Star Polygon.
iPad App: SymbolGram Pro.


Temple of the Moon, Huayna Picchu, Cusco. Golden Rectangles, iPad Apps

Temple of the Moon, Huayna Picchu, Cusco. Golden Rectangles, iPad Apps.

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