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Regulaar Decagon


Euclid's Elements Book XIII, Proposition 10

Euclid's Elements, Book XIII, Proposition 10.
Pentagon, Hexagon, and Decagon. One page visual illustration.

Geometry problem 1313

Geometry Problem 1313.
Regular Decagon, Pentadecagon, Equilateral Triangle, Congruence.

Regular Decagon and Decagram Art

Geometric Art: Decagon and Decagram.

Regular Decagon Art

Geometric Art: Decagon and Pentagon.

Regular Decagon Art. iPad Apps: Spangled

iPad Apps: Spangled!.
Regular Decagon Art.

Polygon Classification

Polygon Classification. Interactive Mind Map.

Polygons Index


Viviani theorem extension, regular polygon

Geometry Problem 225. Viviani's Theorem Extension, Regular Polygon, Apothem, Distance.

Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

Art: Dodecagon and Pentagon, Mobile Apps

Geometric Art: Dodecagon and Pentagon, Mobile Apps.

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