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Mind Map: Point in Math, Science, Technology, Places, Sports, Others

Point in Math, Science, Technology, Mind Map

Point can refer to:

In mathematics and science: Point (geometry), Point (coat color), Point (landform)
In technology: Projectile point, Points of sail, a railroad switch, a contact breaker in an ignition system, a data element in a SCADA system.
Units of measurement: Point (typography), Point (gemstone), Basis point, Compass point, paper-stock thickness, Paris point,
Places: Point, Outer Hebrides, Point Judith, Point Monroe, Point White, Points-West Virginia, Point Island
In sports: scoring, Point (basketball, tennis, ice hockey). A fielding position (cricket), The point (ice hockey), Point guard (basketball)
Other uses: meaning or purpose, Point of order, a dot character, Morse code, Braille, Point (album), Le Point, Point man, Point system, Vowel points,
Point Music, a record label, a measurement used in hunting, Point (mortgage). Source: Wikipedia, Point.

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