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Augmented Reality AR of problem 1348

Augmented Reality (AR), Geometric Art of Problem 1348 using iPad Pro Apps.
Concentric Circles

Durer: Durer: Four Books on Human Proportion

Four Books on Human Proportion by Albrecht Durer and Golden Rectangles.
iPad animation.

Art of problem 669, iPad Apps

Geometric Art: of Problem 669, Triangle, Circle, iPad Apps.

iPad Apps Autodesk 123D

SketchBook Pro for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.
Professional-quality sketching capabilities

van Aubel theorem for Tablets, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy

van Aubel's Theorem. Quadrilateral with Squares. Proof with animation for Tablets, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy.

Geometric Art: of Problem 1321, Intersecting Circles using iPad Apps

Geometric Art: of Problem 1321, Intersecting Circles using iPad Apps.

Isolines: Celtic Maze

Geometric Art: Isolines, Triquetra, Celtic Knotwork, Trefoil Knot, Parallel Lines, Geometry for Kids, Software, iPad, Parallel Lines

Notability for iPad

Note-Taking Apps: Notability for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.

TouchDraw for iPad

Vector Drawing Apps: TouchDraw for iPad, Interactive Mind Map.

iPad Apps: Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Meanings and syntactic of English words, Mind Mapping.
Created using Wordflex Touch Dictionary for iPad in association with Oxford University Press.

iPad Apps: MindHD

iPad Apps: MindHD, Mind Map Generator, Example using Dropbox.

Cloudart for iPad

iPad Apps: Cloudart.

Superimpose for iPad

iPad Apps: Superimpose.

Kaleidoscope Geometry Art Problems Index

iPad Apps: Kaleidoscope X, Kaleidoscope Camera, Annamika.

Isometric for iPadd

iPad Apps: Isometric.
Hexagons, Rhombus 60-120 degrees.

iOrnament for iPad

iPad Apps: iOrnament by science-to-touch, Index.
The Art of Symmetry according to the rules of the 17 crystallographic wallpaper groups.

Fractal Image with Squares. iPad Apps: fractBG

iPad Apps: fractBG.
Fractal Image with Squares.

Regular Decagon Art. iPad Apps: Spangled

iPad Apps: Spangled!.
Regular Decagon Art.

Regular Heptagon Word Cloud

Word Cloud of the Regular Heptagon.

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